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Allow customers to upload files post-purchase (beta)

Allow customers to upload files post-purchase (beta)

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UploadKit's Pro plan includes the option to allow customers to upload files after checkout instead of on the product page. This option is currently in beta; please contact support to enable it.

Using this feature, you can:

  • give customers the choice to upload now or later
  • require the upload on the product page, but display the post-purchase upload dialog if the product was added from a sales channel (e.g. Shopify off-site Buy Buttons) that don't support file uploads
  • hide the upload field on the product page and only enable post-purchase uploads, which is useful if you use a third-party checkout that doesn't support file uploads

Where purchased products match your upload fields and don't already include file uploads, customers will be prompted to upload on the order confirmation ('thank you') page, and optionally in the order confirmation email. 

These orders will be automatically tagged according to your preferences (e.g. awaiting-uploads) and when customers have added all required files the orders will be re-tagged (e.g. uploads-complete). You can easily add a 'view' to your Shopify admin 'Orders' page showing just orders which have all their uploads and are ready to process and fulfil.

For this demo, we've chosen to give customers the choice to upload now or later. Once you've enabled post-purchase file uploads, you can enable this option in your field settings under 'Make this field required?': 

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