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Enable a text field for uploaded files

Enable a text field for uploaded files

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Sometimes you'll need to capture a little extra information alongside the uploaded files. Perhaps you need some notes to explain how the photo should be cut out, or a space for special requests. 

An UploadKit field can have an associated text box enabled for each uploaded file. The text field can be made optional or required. To activate it, find the "You can add a text field for each uploaded file" setting under the 'Behavior' section, and click Enable:

You can then enter the field name, help text, choose whether to enforce a maximum number of characters, and whether the field is required:

For fields that support multiple files, we'll show a text field for every uploaded file. If you need just a single field to show up, please contact support and we'll enable this for you.

We can also make the field show up before a file has been uploaded if you need this option — just get in touch and we'll handle it.

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