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Upload fields for multiple subjects (custom pricing)

Upload fields for multiple subjects (custom pricing)

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If you sell personalized products such as illustrations where the price can vary depending on, for example, the number of people, it can be useful to set up multiple Shopify product variants and have separate upload fields for each subject.

In this example we have created three variants, with the option name "Number of subjects" and the values "1 subject", "2 subjects" and "3 subjects". Of course you can name these options however you like!

We then created three upload fields targeting this product, and set the first to show on all variants. The second upload field is set to show on variants where "Number of subjects" equals "2 subjects" or "3 subjects" and the third field is only set to show on the variant where "Number of subjects" equals "3 subjects". 

UploadKit then automatically shows and hides the fields so the correct fields show up for each variant.

You can also allow each field to accept multiple images if you'd like to get several photos of each source subject.

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