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Automatically crop images to a specific shape

Automatically crop images to a specific shape

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UploadKit has some powerful crop options, including the ability to automatically crop uploaded images to your specifications.

For this sample product, we always want an image in 3:2 aspect ratio, but it's fine for it to be either portrait or landscape. To set this up, we find the crop setting under the 'Behavior' section of our field settings and enable it if it's not already enabled. 

Then, choosing Limit them to a preset aspect ratio, we enter 2:3, 3:2 into the aspect ratio box:

The default, automatic crop will be the first option (2:3, i.e. portrait) but customers can switch to a landscape crop once their image is uploaded. If we wanted to disable the auto crop but still allow them to select from the two crop presets, we would enter free, 2:3, 3:2.

We could even take this further by using a custom crop overlay to show customers a preview of how their luggage tag will look once die-cut!

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