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Apply a circle crop to an uploaded image

Apply a circle crop to an uploaded image

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Using UploadKit's custom crop overlay feature, you can cut customers' uploaded photos into circles, hearts, stars — in fact, any shape you can imagine.

To set this up, first find the 'You can apply a custom crop overlay' option under 'Behavior', and click Enable:


Next, you need a transparent overlay image -- we recommend a PNG file around 2000 pixels wide. If you need a circle, you can click the 'Use circle crop overlay' button to load this automatically; otherwise, click 'Choose custom overlay' to upload your own:

It is important to have automatic cropping enabled and set a crop ratio matching your overlay image dimensions (e.g. 1:1  or 16:9 -- always use whole numbers here). When uploading an overlay image (or choosing the built-in circle overlay), we will automatically calculate the correct aspect ratio and apply it to your field's crop settings. 

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